Ichnology for the 21st century: (Palaeo)Biological Traces towards Sustainable Development
Ichnia 2016
Idanha-a-Nova (Naturtejo Global Geopark, Portugal), 6-9 May 2016

Ichnia 2016 is the Fourth International Congress on Ichnology

The Ichnia 2016 meeting will be the 4th International congress on Ichnology. This congress, under the general theme ‘Ichnology for the 21st century: (Palaeo)Biological Traces towards Sustainable Development’ will aspire for a discussion upon traces (fossils) as biological behavior patterns preserved in sediments and rocks. Trace fossils recall the response of organisms to environmental physical and chemical dynamic parameters, as well as the interaction with other members of the same population or community as part of the (palaeo)ecosystem where they belong to.
Traces, % 90
Ichnological Tourism, % 75
Palaeoenvironmental Reconstitution, % 80
Biological Behaviour, % 85


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Idanha-a-Nova (Portugal)


6 May - 9 May 2016

Information for Authors

Oral and poster presentations are both welcome! Ichnia 2016 call for abstracts opens 15 August 2015 and closes 15 February 2016


Hotel accomodation is available at special conference prices. Transfer from the hotel to the venue is included in the congress fee.

Field Trips

Field trips are designed with great care to give the best look about the trace fossil record from Portugal and surrounding Spain, and at the same time a close contact with Portuguese culture and landscapes. All the most important ichnological sites will be covered by the pre-congress (3-5 May), intra-congress (8 May) and post-congress (10-13 May) field trips, from North to South of Portugal including border regions of Spain.

Congress Kit

The congress kit is a set of printable useful information (circulars) about the field trips and the congress.
One ichnology.

Ichnia 2016 follows the One Ichnology philosophy

One ichnology!

Ichnia 2016 will deal with invertebrate traces
Invertebrate Traces
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One Ichnology!

Ichnia 2016 will deal with vertebrate traces
Vertebrate Traces
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One Ichnology!

Ichnia 2016 will deal with more traces!
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