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call for abstracts opens 1 July 2015
Submission and review process.

The call for abstracts opens the 1st July 2015 and closes the 29th February 2016. The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Download the abstract template to format your abstract or follow the instructions below. The abstracts should be sent to ichnia2016@naturtejo.com. There will be a book of abstracts available as a PDF file at the congress website and as paper edition with ISBN provided to the congress participants.

Please, follow these instructions or download the template

General information

Please write your text in English. A maximum of 250 words is required. Each abstract should have the following structure: (1) Title; (2) Author(s) ; (3) Affiliation(s); (4) Keywords; (5) Main text; (6) Figure captions (7) References. Please submit your abstract as a word (.doc) file. Times New Roman is the preferred font.


Title should be left aligned. Font size 18.

Author(s) and Affiliation

Please clearly indicate the given name(s) and family name(s) of each author. Present the authors' affiliation addresses below the names (italics, font size 11). Indicate all affiliations with a lower-case superscript letter after the author's name and in front of the appropriate affiliation address. Please indicate the corresponding author with an asterisk (*) and indicate the presenting author with a caret symbol (^). Ensure that the e-mail address is given for the corresponding author. The type of presentation (oral or poster) should be presented in the header of the file.


Include 5 keywords separated by commas


Please use Times New Roman 12 points with 1.5 line spacing for the main text.


Please, submit a maximum of 3 figures per each abstract. JPG is the preferred file format. Suggested figure size and resolution are 31x18.5 cm at 600 dpi. Please do not submit plates (i.e. artwork consisting of more than one part) and tables.

References and footnotes

A maximum of three references is allowed. Please follow MLA citation style. References can be formatted manually or copy-and-pasted from the citation machine website. Please do not include endnotes and tables.

File format

Submit abstract and figures to . Each abstract should be submitted as a Word file (.doc) named as follows: author's last name, title of the abstract. Figures should be submitted as jpeg files (.jpg) named as follows: author's last name, title of the abstract, figure number


Download the abstract template below!
Oral presentation.

Each oral presentation is 20 min long, including 15 min for presentation and 5 min for discussion. A projector and computer are arranged by the organizers. Contributors are requested to prepare their presentations in MS PowerPoint, and transfer it on a memory stick and carry it to the conference venue where it will be uploaded to the computer.

The maximum poster dimensions are: (width) 104cm X (height) 130cm All posters will be on display next to the conference rooms. No oral explanations of posters will be scheduled in the conference rooms. Presenters are encouraged to prepare poster copies as hand outs.

The Palaeontological Society of Italy invited the organization of Ichnia 2016 for the publication of a special volume dedicated to the coming up results of the Congress. The Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana (ISSN 0375-7633) is an international peer reviewed journal established by Eugenia Montanaro Gallitelli in 1960. Contributions of international interest in the fields of palaeontology and stratigraphy are published. The journal is housed at the Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, largo S. Eufemia 19, I-41121 Modena. The Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana joined the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) circuit in 2008 which assigned an Impact Factor of 0,659 in June 2011. The organization of Ichnia 2016 will prepare the special volume for 2017.
1) Manuscripts must be sent to the Editorial Board of the Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana, to the following e-mail address: redbollspi@unimore.it
2) Specify in a cover letter "Manuscript for the Ichnia 2016 Volume"
3) Click on the following link to check instructions for authors: Notes for Authors of the Proceedings of Ichnia 2016
4) The deadline for the submission of the manuscripts will be October 1st 2016, the volume will be published in May 2017 as "Ichnology for the 21st Century: Proceedings of Ichnia 2016" (guest editors: Andrea Baucon and Carlos Neto de Carvalho)
5) Check the following link for the instructions for authors!
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