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Ichnological Activities

Please select the suitable Ichnia 2016 Conference registration fee and the events you wish to attend. During the congresses all lunches are included in the fee. Check the website to see detailed information of each product.

Social Activities


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Please provide your accomodation preferences. More information about accomodation is provided here.




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Click on 'submit' to send your registration details. After submitting your registration details, follow these instructions to pay the registration fee:

1. The total to be payed is indicated above ('total'). Payment shall be made by bank transfer to:
Empresa Martins Agência de Viagens e Turismo, Lda
IBAN: PT50 0035 2018 000037553309 8

2. Please include your full name in the description section of your transfer.

3. Once you have made the transfer, email info@ichnia2016.org with your invoice.

Alternatively, payment can be done by Visa; please contact info@ichnia2016.org for Visa payments.

Please, note that the aforementioned instructions will be listed in the confirmation email. It will be sent automatically after clicking on 'submit'.


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